Previous Championship Winners

Premier League  
First Place Cotterells
Second Place Bushey CC A
Third Place Rickmansworth RBL A
Best Individual Record Pete Blythe - Cotterells
Highest break Samy Sefeldin - Riley 147 A - 96 Break

First Division  
First Place Borehamwood RBL            
Second Place Rickmansworth RBL B
Third Place Kings Langley C
Best Individual Record Matt Saunders - Borehamwoood RBL
Highest break Steve Bartropp - Borehamwood RBL - 64 Break

Second Division  
First Place Borehamwood Social A                       
Second Place Chorleywood
Third Place Borehamwood Social B
Best Individual Record Justin Terry - Borehamwood Social A
Highest break Gary Bell - Borehamwood Social A - 49 Break

Singles Championship  
Winner(s) Karl Townsend - Rickmansworth RBL A
Runners-Up Paul Stockwell - Glenn Sports and Social A

Singles Handicap  
Winner(s) Darren Grieves - Glenn Sports and Social A
Runners-Up Gary Scott - Bushey CC A 



Challenge Cup  
Winner(s) Cotterells                         
Runners-Up Glenn Social A

Challenge Cup (Plate)  
Winner(s) Kings Langley C                                             
Runners-Up Rickmansworth RBL B

Ted Higgins Trophy  
Winner(s) Borehamwoood Social A                                
Runners-Up Borehamwood Social B

Roy Couch Trophy (Under 21's)  
Winner(s) Andrew Scott - Glenn Sports and Social A              
Runners-Up Beau Quigley - Glenn Sports and Social B

Gordon Wilson Trophy (Over 60's)  
Winner(s) Steve Grover - Bushey CC A
Runners-Up John Smyley - Kings Langley C

Pairs Handicap  
Winner(s) Andrew Scott and Beau Quigley - Glenn Sports and Social
Runners-Up Paul Stockwell and Leigh Griffiths - Glenn Sports and Social



Over 45's  
Winner(s) Gary Scott - Bushey CC A 
Runners-Up Andy Chichester - St Albans CC B


Two Man Team (Colbourne Trophy)  
Winner(s) Dave Maley and Danny Brocklehurst - Abbots Langley
Runners-Up Dave Jones and Shaun Mills - Rickmansworth CC A

Three Man Team  

Andrew Scott, Darren Grieves and Brett Richards -       Glenn Sports and Social A

Runners-Up Mark Greatbatch, John Smyley and Mark Elliott - Kings Langley C

Alan Sharp Trophy  
Winner(s) Paul Dean - Kings Langley 
Runners-Up John Smyley - Kings Langley

Noel Heelis Trophy  
Winner(s) Steve Bartropp - Borehamwood RBL - 112 break